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On-Site Fees Training

Implementing a FEES program into your facility can be overwhelming, but our team of experts at our SaSS KC can help make it a seamless process. After your formal training, we offer observation of initial endoscopy passes and provide insight to ensure your program is running as effectively as possible. Trust us to help you bring the best care to your patients.

Services for Providers

Supporting excellence in the Kansas City metro

On-Site FEES Training
Program Development

Program Development

Our Program Development service is the solution to improving your facility's SLP program. With our experienced team, we have worked with some of the best facilities in the region. From documentation to instrumental swallow studies and speaking valve protocols, we'll improve the program in all domains. Let's work together to bring your facility's SLP program to the next level!

Networking Group


We know how challenging it can be to make the right referral for a client once they discharge from the setting you serve. This is why we offer networking events for healthcare providers in the area. Our team is passionate about building strong relationships with our colleagues, sharing our knowledge, and learning from others. This way, we can collaborate and provide the best possible care for our clients in Kansas City. We welcome all healthcare providers in the field to join us for our next networking event and start building relationships that will benefit the clients we serve.

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