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FEES: Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing is a procedure that uses a flexible scope with a camera to accurately assess swallowing difficulties and determine the best treatment.

A view of the larynx from above using a FEES scope. The food is dyed green so it is easier to see during the study.

View of larynx and windpipe during a swallow study


Unlike Modified Barium Swallow Studies (MBSS), FEES can be performed at home with food the patient enjoys! Additionally, FEES can be performed regardless of the patients position or location (e.g. in their bed, wheelchair, etc.). Results are communicated instantly at the time of evaluation - no waiting on reports!



FEES images display the patients actual anatomy, instead of x-ray images. The study can be completed no matter the patients bariatric status, oxygen needs, wound care restrictions, or positioning. This also provides a detailed view of the patient's vocal cord movement.



Because FEES does not use radiation, the evaluation may last for as long as needed. For example, this continuous imaging allows us to examine a patient over the course of a full meal to test their endurance and determine effective swallowing strategies. MBSS, on the other hand, are limited to around 3 minutes.



We welcome any person the patient feels comfortable with to join our studies. FEES evaluations can be performed with your practicing therapist present so that they can advocate for and advise on the patient's specific needs.

A table full of fresh, delicious whole foods

Call Now

To schedule FEES, please call (816) 286-4748 or use the contact form below.

Medicare patients, feel free to fax your doctors order to (913) 601-8176!

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