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We are dedicated to helping each child become a more effective and independent eater. 

Mealtimes should be a happy and stress-free experience for your child. If your child is experiencing difficulties like not getting enough to eat or choking with foods, don't worry, Speech & Swallowing Specialists of KC is here to help. Our experts are highly trained and experienced in solving feeding and swallowing problems in children. We can provide the support and care your child needs to grow.

Helping babies eat safely

Pediatric Feeding & Swallowing

Speech therapy supports feeding and swallowing skills such as:

Troubles with feeding and swallowing

Chewing skills
Sensory & oral aversions
Transitioning to solid foods

Oral-motor feeding disorders
Dysphagia/swallowing disorders
Picky eating & meal time struggles
Infant feeding, bottle & breast feeding

Weaning from NG- or G-tube feedings

Evaluations & Therapy for Children of All Ages


The evaluation process allows us to get to the root cause of the challenges a child is facing and their severity. 


We will gather information about developmental and medical history, and current feeding habits. If okay with the child, we try preferred and non-preferred foods to assess acceptance, tolerance, and aversion.

Following the evaluation, we will share our findings and recommendations with the family. When feeding therapy is recommended, we will develop a treatment plan that aligns with the family's preferences and goals.


We use evidence-based strategies with a whole-child approach to help children develop safe and age-appropriate feeding and swallowing skills. Therapy and goals are highly individualized based on the client's medical, social and personal needs.


Therapy in a child's natural environment allows us to create a calm and safe environment for food exploration while also helping a child acquire skills in the exact place they will be using them.

We believe parents and caregivers are essential members of the therapy and dedicate time to coaching and education. 

We are dedicated to improving the quality of life by helping each child become a more effective and independent eater. 

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