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Pediatric Speech Therapy
Pediatric speech, voice, language, and swallowing therapy in Kansas City
Little boy participating in speech therapy

Home-Based Therapy to Target Speech, Voice, Feeding, & Swallowing

Across the Lifespan

Adult voice and swallowing therapy in Kansas City

Guiding Clients to Live Their Best Lives 

Welcome to Speech & Swallowing Specialists of KC!


We work to improve speech, swallowing, and voice skills across the lifespan by bringing evidence-based practice and expertise to each individualized session in the comfort of your own home. Our goal is to help you live your best life by communicating and sharing meals comfortably with the people you love.

PROMPT trained
ASHA certified
VitalStim Therapy trained
Jen Hurst M.S., CCC-SLP

Founder & Owner

Jennifer Hurst M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

I founded Speech & Swallowing Specialists because I know that communication and swallowing are paramount factors in a person’s quality of life. I am passionate about providing the highest quality therapy to clients while working on goals that will have a direct impact on their daily life. With over 16 years of experience evaluating and treating dysphagia, apraxia, and voice disorders, I am well equipped to meet my clients where they are and guide them forward. 

Private speech, voice, and swallowing therapy in Kansas City

“We tried so many different therapies and solutions with no success. Jen listened and never gave up. Most importantly, she never let us give up.”

- Monica B.

getting started

Step One

Contact the SaSS KC team for a free phone consultation to discuss your needs. If an evaluation is recommended, you can schedule your first session without the long wait times.

Participate in a speech, swallowing, or voice evaluation. Work with our team members to establish a treatment plan based on assessment results, clinical recommendations, and your personal goals.

Step Two

Begin therapy where it feels right for you - at home,  in the community, or online - to achieve your communication and swallowing goals.

Step Three

Getting Started

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