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Adult swallowing and communication therapy

Adult Swallowing & Communication

Speech & Swallowing Specialists of KC works with adults to address voice, swallowing, and feeding challenges. We offer in-home and online evaluations and therapy services throughout the Kansas City Metro.

Swallowing Evaluations & Therapy for Adults

Individuals with dysphagia or swallowing difficulties have symptoms that range from recurrent respiratory infections, the sensation of having a lump in the throat, coughing or choking when eating or drinking, restrictive and limited food profile, anxiety around eating or drinking, etc. 

Our evaluation procedures and therapeutic approaches are highly dependent on the client's medical history and current challenges. Prior to beginning therapy, we may help coordinate an instrumental evaluation of swallowing to see if any food or liquid is being aspirated. 

Evaluation results will guide the specific therapeutic interventions, exercises, or diet modifications for the client. We often collaborate with other professionals on the client's team to deliver the best outcomes and ensure we treat the whole person. 

Therapy and goals are highly individualized based on the client's medical, social and personal needs. We believe caregivers and family are essential members of the therapy team and dedicate time to coaching and education to increase our client's quality of life. 


Voice Evaluations & Therapy for Adults

Voice disorders impact an individual's ability to be understood due to challenges such as reduced volume, breathy-sounding voice, chronic hoarse voice, and vocal changes related to aging, Parkinson's, and head and neck cancer. 

We will begin with an evaluation to get understand the underlying cause for these vocal changes. We will also spend time getting to know the client and what they would like to achieve in therapy to live their best life. 

Following the evaluation, we partner with the client and their family to develop a voice therapy plan to help you maintain the health and resiliency of your voice. Voice therapy utilizes evidence-based strategies to help clients:

  • Heal from vocal nodules, polyps, and cysts​

  • Strengthen their voice as you age ​

  • Regain communication after a total laryngectomy

  • Learn exercises and strategies to improve the quality of voice​​​

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